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Moth Light Dance (Original Tune)

moth for site

Many years ago I had this idea for a song that would be constructed around the premise of a moth waking up on the sensitized body of an acoustic guitar, its wings fluttering on the wood and the strings. This tune is not on an acoustic guitar and is not what I imagined the waking moth tune would sound like, but when I was arranging this, I remembered that old idea and, for some reason, it stuck with me.  Somehow that concept, that image, gave heightened meaning to the sounds. It wasn’t so much the image-concept of my right hand playing in a moth-like way (whatever that would be); it was the strange and elusive attraction of moths to light, their obsessiveness about light, that was interesting.  I was definitely thinking of the moth dancing with fate around a candle near the end of the song, when the guitar almost loses structure and coherence.

Song available for download at here.  Also available for streaming on Youtube here.