I said that Yes to you.
That Yes is the holiest thing I can think about.
The world says it, too.

Only how will we give it form?

With Two Way Tree, we formulated a place where we could take noticeable steps toward actualizing our vows and our Syzygy’s dream of total engrossment in love through appreciable odds up the mountain of all life.  The mountain was not life’s troubles, and we didn’t promise our lives to each other to soften its blows.  The mountain was the knife edge of love, and we reasoned that only together could we attempt to climb its ever-steepening path.  We wanted to know how high we could go.

Being together and creative here and now feels unprecedented.

What we do is sit down in our young hot youth days and try to spend everything, careening through books and ideas and talking about it all, to reach as far as possible into the hidden domains of creative mind and aspiring Earth.  We both feel the need to give increasing form to our summer promises, which were in turn the sum of our nine and a half years’ promises that led up to that hallowed August 9, 2016 ritual.

We’re both art teachers in love with those hidden domains of potential.  We’re going to wait and see what walls finally stand when we’re complete.

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